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Being a business owner is one of the most empowering things one might do in their lifetime but it is not without its challenges. EnDepth Data meets business owners at their time of need, providing them support and enabling them to grow into their full potential.

Business Expertise at Your Fingertips

You’re an expert at your trade and you’ve opened your own business (congrats!), but you’re struggling to make it profitable. Partnering with EnDepth Data connects you with the tools, experts, and community you need to manage your business and increase margins.

Financial Clarity and Operational Insight

EnDepth Data is a community of people obsessed with learning new things. The tools and resources available to you through EnDepth Data will bring clarity to your budget and provide insight to your business methods, making way for substantial improvement and higher profits.

Confidence in the Future of your Business

Partnering with EnDepth Data empowers you to answer the most vital questions for business growth and stability.


  • Did I make a profit?
  • Where are my opportunities to increase profits?
  • Can I pay my bills and my employees?
  • Can my business survive? Can it thrive?

Grow Your Business with EnDepth Data

EnDepth Data offers business solutions that meet you where you are at, regardless of the stage of your business.


  • Comprehensive software platform that will bring clarity to your profit margins.
  • Educational tools that will expand your understanding of business operations.
  • Access to a virtual community of business owners.
  • Business guidance from CEO, Charles Hubbard.
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  • Manage budgets at both the organizational level and each client.
  • Strategize using custom tools that give you a birds eye view into your revenues, expenses and profits.
  • Develop projected budgets and convert them into active payroll budgets.
  • Access historical data that allows you to project five years of growth.

Features Coming Soon

  • Budget for your payroll through integration with your current payroll system, or add a new payroll system.
  • Connect with fellow business owners through our Industry Community Portal.
  • Future capabilities will include business management tools, accounting systems intergation, payroll, human resources and project management.
  • EnDepth Data app will be downloadable soon via the Android, Microsoft and IOS App Stores.

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Charles Hubbard

Charles Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer

Meet our CEO

Charles has been a serial entrepreneur in the service business since 2008 when he started his own commercial cleaning service. In 2017, he opened his photography business and in 2019, his collective experience lead him to found EnDepth Data. 

Charles has experienced the ups, downs, and uncertainties that come with owning and operating your own business. He’s made mistakes. He’s gotten back up. And he’s discovered the fundamentals necessary to drive a business that is increasingly profitable. 

With a heart to educate and inspire other small business owners like himself, Charles is making his own personal learnings available through the creation of EnDepth Data. When you partner with EnDepth Data, you partner with Charles,  and that is a resource that can truly change the course of your small business when you are an owner seeking outside perspective and are ready to learn.

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